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Wervel Wind Journeys into the topic of . . .

                                THE GRANITE COFFER IN THE KING’S CHAMBER           

Napoleon once spent a night lying in the granite coffer found in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.  The next morning, his generals asked him if anything unusual happened during the night, to which Napoleon only replied, “You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.”  To this day, no one has given a full explanation of what this coffer is, but travelers with Wervel Wind may be able to experience its power for themselves through a PRIVATE MEDITATION IN THE KING'S CHAMBERWervel Wind intends to provide its group with a private session in the King's Chamber.  Group members will be able to experience first hand the power that even Napoleon said was beyond belief.  Perhaps the Wervel Wind Group will experience the "terrible power" alluded to in the Pyramid Texts.

The magic of the chamber coffer could well be transmitted through its very dimensions:  the volume of the Coffer is equal to that of the historical Israelite Ark of the Covenant.  It is 228.09 centimeters (89.8 inches) long, 98.30 centimers (38.7 inches) wide and 104.65 centimeters (41.2 inches) high.  This volume is also equal to 1 Pyramid Ton. 


According to Egyptian burial custom, coffers used for burial have the deceased's name, titles, deeds, and history on the inside and out.  But this coffer was never inscribed or decorated.  And since it is too big to fit through the Great Pyramid passages, it must have been put in the King’s Chamber before the chamber was closed and the passages sealed. 


Made from a solid block of chocolate-brown granite, the coffer is even harder than the granite walls of the King's Chamber.  Microscopic analysis reveals that it was hollowed out with a fixed point drill point of jewel bits and a drilling force of 2 tons. By comparison to our technology today, shaping the coffer would have required bronze saws 2.5 meters (8-9 feet) long set with teeth of sapphires.  But no one knows how it was actually made or with what kind of tools.  Legend has it that it came from Atlantis or even from America.  But when? Who sent it?  And for what purpose? Does it still have a function in the Great Pyramid? Could this be where the First Dynasty Pharaohs (who ruled in the times of Atlantis, some say) did their Pyramid Text meditations to connect with the "Eye of Heru" (later called Horus)?